Gelamour was launched in September 2013 during the Beauty Salon Dimensions tradeshow in The Netherlands and the Estetika Beauty tradeshow in Belgium. After that, the ongoing rollercoaster took our beautiful brand for an international ride.

What many organizations call a vision or ambition, we call a dream.
A dream is supposed to be at odds with reality. Only then it will be exciting and provide space for movement. That is why the Gelamour dream gives us passion and meaning.

Ambitious dreams need weight; an approach.
We have the knowledge and the approach to bring our brand moving towards this dream. Enabling the right people in the elaboration of the dream who will lead the way and be able to translate the dream into new behaviors and appointments.

With our high-quality products and services with excellent safety and innovation, known for its exceptional formula, fashionable colors and classy designs, our target is to be one of the worlds leading brands in the professional nail care industry. Gelamour offers a full line of professional items, including Soak Off Gel Polishes, Gels, Acrylics, Nail Treatments, Finishing products, Lotions, Manicure/Pedicure products, Files, Tools and more.

Expectations are that within the near future, nail artists and nail champions will be working with Gelamour to achieve the best results and satisfy their clients even more.

We keep this up and going and that is how we realistically realize our dream and book unimaginable results.


Do you want to be a part of our dream? Our products will constantly be expanded with the newest products in order to be ahead in the professional nail industry and offer the best quality obtainable.

Distribution and education centers are still being assigned in Europe and we keep participating in various beauty tradeshows throughout Europe.

Distributors, educators and championship participants interested in becoming a member of the team and therefor want more information, can contact the head office in The Netherlands


De Run 4222
5503 LL Veldhoven
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 499 323689
Email: info@gelamour.com